Thursday, July 24, 2008

Walking in LA

Hi, and thanks for finding our new blog, Nobody Walks in LA. We're just two deceased thespians who were both born and raised in the Los Angeles area, where we currently reside on the Eastside. With the exception of one of us leaving for one year, we've both lived here our entire lives.

We love our city, because it's a diverse, culturally rich, intellectually stimulating place -- which is why we're sick and tired of the barrage of media representations portraying us as a vapid, plastic wasteland. Take an intelligent, insightful show like Sex and the City or Seinfeld and do an "LA episode," and suddenly everyone's wearing a tie-died shirt and rollerblading on the beach with a blonde wannabe actress. These stereotypes have become so engrained that they're presumed by the general public to an extent that other cities don't have to endure. New Yorkers aren't all rude, there are non-hippies in Berkeley, and we walk in LA. Enough!

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