Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Oh phew, I was worried that my favorite cliche, "LA's dark underbelly," was falling out of favor since I hadn't seen it in a few weeks. But everyone's favorite crying, car-living American Idol wannabe, Josiah Leming, revives it in today's LA Times:

Despite his success, Leming feels out of place in Los Angeles. "[L.A.] confuses me," he said. "It's all, like, kinda glitz and glam, and I don't dig it. It's like, it's beautiful on the face, but there's nothing underneath. It's money and greed and sex appeal. And just no core values.
Perhaps a kid who, according to the Times, "left his ailing mother, out-of-work stepfather and eight siblings in Morristown, Tenn." because auditioning for American Idol was more important might not be the best person to carpetbag over here and get all judgey -- not to mention his parroting of tired old Los Angeles stereotypes.

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